Japan Day 6 – Shinjuku & Harajuku


This was the last day of our trip and so we just explored the area near our neighbourhood. We woke up rather early that day to clean up the apartment and checkout by 8am. The reason why we got up rather early is to make sure that we manage to secure lockers at Shinjuku Station. We hear that it fills up really fast and considering it was a Saturday, we didn’t wanna risk not having any lockers for our luggage. By the time we reached the station it was a little past 8am and we managed to secure lockers at the same spot when we first came to Tokyo. So happy to dump our luggage there and spend the rest of our day exploring.


But before that, we needed to secure our bus tickets to Narita Airport later in the evening. So we headed up to the appropriate bus stop at the Shinjuku Station West Exit and the ticket booth is just conveniently across from it. One way ticket for adults is 3100 Yen and the journey takes about 1.5 – 2 hours. So do keep in mind of your required travel time and plan accordingly so that you don’t end up missing your flight!

Luggages safely stored away, bus tickets to airport secured and now time to do one last round at Harajuku. We reached fairly early at around 9am and most of the shops in the area weren’t open yet until 10am or 10.30am. Hence the quiet alleys which makes it look like a totally different place when compared to the afternoon. The upside of it is less humans = more photo-ops and so we took plenty of photos there.

After taking more than enough photos, we looked for a place to have breakfast and ended up at Starbucks which was actually pretty nice considering that they have free wifi for us to use. So we sat there for a bit and searched around for other last minute things to do in the area.


We found this Oriental Bazaar nearby which is located in this red shrine-like building. Great spot for last minute shopping! I bought Japanese hand fans, handkerchiefs, cute chopstick holders and various other souvenirs from here. They even have a whole floor for Kimonos or Hakamas if you’re interested to get one.

After plenty of shopping there, we headed back to the now busy and human-filled Harajuku Street. Finally tried one of the many crepes sold here since it’s a “must do”n thing when you visit here. They all look pretty much the same to me so I got this Strawberry creme one and it was oh so good!

All the shops were opened by now and we went all out on our last shopping trip! I scored bags of Japanese cosmetics, cute print facial masks in various designs, chocolates and snacks at Daiso and even some great deals on clothes! I got that navy dress for only 500Yen (Original price was 1080Yen) and also the black jumpsuit for only 1500 yen (Original price was 3000 Yen)!

Spent the rest of our last few minutes just watching the crowd and believe me, you will see all kinds of people here. Very interesting!

It was then time to head back to Shinjuku station and collect our luggage before boarding our airport bus to Narita. Saw glimpses of Tokyo Tower on the way there looking very pretty all lit up against the dark sky. Upon reaching the airport, we joined the longest lines ever at the MAS queue. Took us about 40mins before we managed to drop off our bags (good thing we were early!). Then one quick last last minute shopping for snacks such as the various Tokyo Banana snacks (I swear, you need to grab many and many of these boxes! I regret only buying one box of their caramel banana flavor. It was so darn good!), potato chips and etc. Love the quirky Akihabara theme even at their airport gift shops lol.


And so that ends my week-long trip to Tokyo! Here’s the pile of stuff I brought back with me. If you missed out on the other parts of my trip, here’s the links:


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