Japan Day 5 – Tsukiji Fish Market, Akihabara and Dinner in Shibuya


On our 5th day we did a mix of places and our first stop was Tsukiji Fish market for some breakfast. We initially planned on camping the night before to catch the Tuna auction early in the morning but we scrapped that idea as we figured proper sleep was more important than seeing cold slabs of Tuna being sold off for millions in the cold EARLY morning. But hey if you’re up to it, then by all means go ahead. We were just too tired after walking around back to back on our 5th day so yeah sleep is our priority.

Getting there was fairly easy for us as we were staying in Shinjuku which literally connects you anywhere. So we hopped on the Oedo Subway Line from Shinjuku Station to Tsukijishijo Station. It takes about 20mins and costs 270 Yen one way. As soon as you reach the station, simply follow the signboard to Tsukiji Market. The building is actually just above the station.

There’s the outer part and inner part of the market. Since we just wanted to grab some breakfast, we wandered off at the outer market and found rows and rows of tuck shops serving fresh bowls of sushi!

Since we didn’t know which is the best place, we placed our trust in the crowd and joined the ones with the longest queues. Took us about more the 30mins before we finally made it and sat down in the small tiny space.

I ordered this bowl since it had a nice variety and looked interesting. A fun fact about myself is that I don’t enjoy raw sushi, but nonetheless I wanted to try the real deal while in Japan. And so I braved it through and was surprised that I wiped the bowl clean!

After we were stuffed from our heavy breakfast, we then headed to our 2nd destination which was Akihabara. Anyone familiar with the Japanese culture would know that this is the land of Otaku and also known as the Electric Town as you would find all sorts of electronics sold here with a wide array of choices to choose from.

Upon reaching Akihabara Station, we made our way towards the Yodobashi-Akiba building.

The other Square Enix cafe is on the ground floor of this building. We decided to drop by and compare it to the Artnia Cafe that we visited the other day. If you could only go to one, I would recommend Artnia as the cafe is more nicely designed, more displays and way more merchandise sold.

After that we of course went into the Yodobashi-Akiba building. I headed to the hobby floor as my brother wanted me to get him a Gundam. Upon reaching the floor I was greeted by rows and rows of Gundam racks! I got him the red Sinanju (RG) to his delight and it’s way cheaper here compared to back home.

And the plethora of other stuff being sold here. It was just so much fun wandering around this building and finding all the odd and unique items on sale!

We then made our way to our 3rd destination in Shibuya. Stopped by Shibuya 109 and explored the multiple floors of clothes and accessories. One particular shop I was aiming for is Emoda. Anyone who follows the famous blogger Cheesie, would know of this brand as she shops here a lot. I loved what I saw in her posts and wanted to check it out myself as well. I ended up buying a nice choker necklace while my friend bought a number of shirts. Love this shop!

The main reason we made a trip here that night was to have a taste of this Halal Yakiniku meat! Those in search for halal meat, rest assured this tuck shop serves absolutely yummy strips of juicy meat. It’s a very small shop and we had a bit of difficulty finding it in the cold rainy weather that night. But we didn’t give up and fortunately I spotted the small shop in the end and felt so relieved! Also please do call and make a reservation before coming over. We didn’t know about this and ended up walking in without notice and was almost turned away until a very kind uncle offered to give up his table as he was almost done with his meal (thank you kind uncle!! You just saved two starving kids craving for meat that night!). We also saw a number of people who didn’t make reservations but unfortunately for them, the place was already crowded and they had to leave and make a reservation for later that night. You can check out the details of the place below:

Name: Gyumon
Meal type: Halal Japanese BBQ (Yakiniku)
Cost: Full set meal with drinks from 3000-4000 yen per person
Opening hours: 5pm-4am
Phone number: +81 3-5469-2911
Directions: 10mins walk south from Shibuya station. If you face Hikarie shopping centre from the road, head to the right along the road, cross the overhead bridge and head straight till you see the shop with the banner “Gyumon”.






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