Japan – Day 4 Studio Ghibli Museum


Next up was the famous Studio Ghibli. For those of you not familiar with the name, then perhaps Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro or Howl’s Moving Castle would ring a bell?…Still no? Well even if you’re not a fan, I would highly recommend this place! In fact my travel partner wasn’t too familiar with the Ghibli franchise, but still enjoyed this trip a whole lot. I booked our tickets online way in advance before our trip and I would advise you to do so as well as these tickets sell out very very VERY fast. Can’t emphasize this enough as many of my other friends had the disappointment of missing out on this as they couldn’t get any tickets. The tickets are 1000 Yen each for adults and are sold on a monthly basis. So if you’re thinking of buying tickets this march, then get ready and be on standby by 1st March to book your tickets for the month. You can buy online here.


What you would get is an e-ticket which you would then get the physical ticket at the entrance on the day of your visit itself. The ticket itself is super cool as it is a film of actual scenes from their movies itself.

To get there, you would need to take a train to Mitaka station. It was a 20min ride for us from Shinjuku station on the JR Chuo Line (rapid service). Upon reaching Mitaka station, you will see a bakery shop called Kinokuniya. Head towards this way and exit the station where you will see escalators to head down. You will also see the bright yellow “Catbus”.

From here you have the option to pay 210 yen (one way) via catbus to the Museum, or walk there instead. I would personally advise to take the bus first and familiarise with the path to the museum then walk back from there so you get to experience both ways. You can check out the bus schedules from the cute totoro post or announcement board. The buses are frequent (about every 10-15mins) so you don’t have to worry about chasing after the bus.

The bus will drop you right in front of the museum where you will immediately see this beautiful eco-friendly building.

Since we bought the 2pm admission tickets, we had a bit of spare time when we reached there and spent our time taking pics outside.

We then had a little picnic at the park just next door which was very-well kept and relaxing.

It was then time for us to get in queue. No pictures allowed inside, so from here on out you will only see pictures taken from outside.

Check out the beautiful landscaping! I couldn’t stop snapping pictures as everything looked so picturesque.

We also grabbed some snacks and sat at the patio while enjoying the peaceful view.

I loved how much detail they placed on decorating this place. From the cats whispering by the window, to the soot balls in the vent and the greenery everywhere.

There’s also a souvenir shop inside the building and of course we hoarded a bunch of stuff from there. If you noticed from the pics above, you would see that I just had to get a cute Totoro plush. I also got a catbus keychain, various pretty postcards to place on my wall and many more. Why not right? It’s not like I come here every year, so I might as well go all out on the souvenirs.

After spending our whole afternoon here, we then walked back to the station and it’s really easy to find our way back and the weather was really beautiful for a stroll in the evening. By the time we reached Shinjuku Station again it was around 6pm and we decided to spend the rest of our evening at the Square Enix Artnia Cafe which I will blog about in my next post. :)


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