Japan Day 4 – Square Enix Artnia Cafe


Since we had some time to spare in the evening after our trip to the Ghibli Museum, we decided to head back to our place in Shinjuku and drop our bags off at our AirBnB and head out again within the area to the cafe.

Getting there was a little tricky at first as we didn’t really do our research before hand on how to get there. But if you have a pocket wifi with you, it should be pretty easy to navigate your way there (I’ve included the address at the bottom of this post).

After asking around various shops, convenience stores and random passerbys, we found our first landmark which was the iconic Square Enix headquarters in Shinjuku. Gamers and Final Fantasy fans would be in awe when you see this building. It’s literally the place where all those famous games are created. Being a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise myself, this was a really cool experience. The cafe itself is right next to it and you will be able to easily identify it by the various sign boards and its’ unique egg design.

Inside there’s another room which is a gallery featuring a number of figurines of characters from their franchise.


And in the middle of the room is this beautiful crystal fountain with ambient music playing in the background.

The various figurines on display which costs a bomb btw. I was thinking of getting the Noctis one but after looking at the pricetag, I figured maybe not…

All the other merchandise on sale in the main room where the cafe is at. The main reason for me to come here is to get that Cactuar plushie and despite its rather pricey price tag, I grabbed it anyway along with various keychains and stuff. I spent a whole load of money here but I really don’t regret it at all. It was so worth it!

After hoarding all our souvenirs from the store, we sat at the cafe for some cute desserts and coffee. Absolutely love the setting and character-themed food. We ended up with the banana choc pancakes and cappuccino which was just as good as it looks. For those who prefer to drink, they have various themed cocktails such as the Materia which looked rather interesting. But since we’re not drinkers, we were just as happy with our sweet selection.

Address: 1F Shinjuku Eastside Square 6-27-30 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan
Opening Hours: 11.00am -10pm (last food order 9pm, last drink order 9.30pm)


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