Japan – Day 3 Tokyo DisneySea


Tokyo Disney Resort is one of the busiest parks in the world and it would make a lot of sense to buy your tickets ahead of your visit. We bought ours online on their official website and printed out the e-ticket for a hassle-free entry to the park. As we have both been to other Disneylands’ in other parts of the world (which are all generally all the same), we decided to try something different and spent our whole day at Tokyo DisneySea instead (the only one in the world btw).


The park opens at 8am and so we tried to reach there as soon as it was opened. The main reason to be there early is to grab the fastpasses. Unlike the usual fastpasses that you may be familiar with, these ones are only applicable for the following rides:

  • Tower of Terror
  • Toy Story Mania!
  • Indiana Jones
  • Raging Spirits
  • The Magic Lamp Theater
  • Mermaid Lagoon Theater
  • 20000 Leagues Under The Sea
  • Journey to the Centre of the Earth

You can obtain the fastpass ticket by going to each specific ride and finding the Fastpass Machines. You simply scan your entrance ticket and you will be given some kinda receipt indicating which times you can enter the ride using the fastpass lane. For example you may only be able to use the fastpass lane between 2-3pm or so. You can check the next timing from the fastpass machines itself. So plan your time accordingly and use your fastpass wisely.

Out of the rides listed, we managed to get fastpasses for Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Raging Spirits and Indiana Jones. So our first ride was Journey to the Centre of the Earth which is the most prominent attraction as it is located inside a man-made volcano at Mysterious Island. It’s a faced paced ride and definitely one of my favs. We didn’t seem to need the fastpasses for 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. There was barely any queue for this one when we were there.(Wasn’t very interesting and you could probably skip this).

Over at Lost River Delta, I didn’t ride the Raging Spirits ride as I have a slight fear of looped rollercoasters, but it definitely was one of the more eye-catching rides with the fiery temple. According to my friend, the loop was just a small one and not too scary. I probably should have just yolo-d and tried it. Oh well next time then… Indiana Jones was another amazing fast paced ride which I really enjoyed.

We totally underestimated Toy Story Mania and didn’t think of getting fastpasses for this ride since the description didn’t seem very interesting. It’s described as an arcade ride at the American Waterfront section. I mean how much fun could you possibly have playing an arcade game? Nothing amazing right? And boyyyy were we wrong! We had way more fun than we thought we would. Made our 1 hour queue quite worth it (Yes we waited 1 whole hour because we didn’t get the fastpass tickets before it ran out). If I were to describe the ride, well you basically sit in these moving cars with laser blasters attached to it. Each car has 2 seats one side and another 2 on the opposite side. These seats will twirl and rotate as you progress through the ride and at the same time you need to shoot targets arcade-style at each “pit stop”. You then get to see your accumulated points at the end of the ride. Super fun to play with your competitive friends!

Over at this side, do try the Tiramisu icecream. I love the chewy biscuit that just goes so well with the vanilla icecream.

More of the lovely view with the Tower of Terror in sight. The building itself is just so pretty to look at but I didn’t dare to take the ride. (Free-fall kinda rides are not for me). As for the ship, it’s actually a restaurant!

Mermaid Lagoon is a nice indoor area with cute rides perfect for kids. Also love the colorful lights inside which gives it a very magical feel.


You will find a lot of people in costumes and more often than not, they are not working at the park. They’re visitors just like you and me. Apparently it’s a common thing to see the park guests come all dressed up. Some even lug along a small luggage bag to fit in all their costume accessories and makeup kit (yeah talk about dedication!). So you will see numerous princesses, various disney characters and even anime characters! (this is Japan after all)

Arabian Coast looks so majestic by the waterfront. This side is my favorite in terms of the atmosphere and landscape. Also worth trying the curry popcorn from here.

It was getting dark and all the elaborate lights glowed through the night.

It was also the Halloween month where jack o’ lanterns were seen all over the park and special edition souvenirs such as the famous Duffy Bears in halloween costumes and Vampire Mickey (I got this keychain).

And some final shots before we called it a day and took the train back to Shinjuku. What a magical place! Though DisneySea doesn’t have the usual fancy parades that Disneyland has, the fireworks, landscapes and better attractions (for adults) totally makes up for it!



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