Expat Life: Week 13 – Yacht Cruise at One 15 Marina Club, Sentosa Cove

Sentosa Cove is just a quick 15mins drive from my place in Tanjong Pagar. It’s known by the locals as the place where the “elites”, rich and famous hang out at….consider it as Beverly Hills or something. The reason for our trip down here was to try out the yacht cruise at One 15 Marina Club. The drive there was pretty nice and scenic especially with a sunroof in our car and the lovely weather that day.

We reached there around noon and had a buffet lunch at the clubhouse. Other facilities at the club was a sea-view gym upstairs and lounge.

The toilets also had shower rooms so if you feel sticky after a long sail, you can freshen up here. After lunch and freshening up, we all met our yacht Captain who greeted us on a segway. She led us over to the pier where our yacht, Annette was parked.

The yacht was just perfect for a group of us (about 12 of us). It’s equipped with a small cooking area and toilets in the cabin area. Whereas the deck was perfect for us to hang out in the cool breeze. We cruised for about 40mins before reaching a nearby island (Kusu Island).

The Island itself is pretty deserted and empty. I guess it’s just a nice spot to park your yacht and have a BBQ party. Saw a bigger yacht doing just that. However we decided to just take a quiet walk round the island and snap some pics. After we’re done stretching our feet, we boarded the yacht again and set sail for another 40mins or so before heading back. The whole time we played charades and chilled by the deck. It was pretty amusing when we hit a bumpy wave and splashed with water along the way (adds to the whole experience). Overall it was a fun experience and I would definitely do it again to watch the sunset next time!

This day also marked my last day on work assignment in Singapore and the team definitely made it a memorable one. After the cruise, I dashed back to my friends apartment, freshened up and headed to Changi Airport for a night flight back home. It was definitely a memorable and great 3 months in Singapore! So that’s the last of my Expat post. But look out for more of my travel posts in the future~


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