Typo Online Sale – Stationary Galore!

For these past few weeks, my colleagues and I went a little crazy with the Typo sales. We’re major fans of pretty stationary. So when we saw these crazy deals, we bundled our orders together and had the items shipped over to the office.

First Round

Two boxes came in with our stuff. Check out the goodies in the box!

I got the 2015 A5 planner in Blush Pink and the Tiffany Blue A5 Journal for only SGD5! That’s only 2.5 dollars each! Original price for the pink planner was SGD24.95 while the tiffany blue journal was SGD17.99. I saved a total of SGD37.94!!

I also bought these two staplers for SGD5. And again only 2.5 each! Original price were SGD14.99 each. So I saved SGD24.98 for these two items.

Total Original Price: SGD72.92
Total Price Paid: SGD10
Total Savings: SGD62.92

Round 2

With such a great deal during the first round, we decided to get more stuff. But this time with more people and we ended up with 10 boxes shipped over to the office! I only ordered two items though which was a travel journal and a tape dispenser. Both items for only SGD10. Original price of the journal was SGD24.99 while the tape dispenser was SGD17.99.

Total Original Price: SGD42.98
Total Price Paid: SGD10
Total Savings: SGD32.98


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