Expat Life: Week 5 – P.S Cafe Harding Road and Botanic Gardens

My friends and I decided to do brunch and did a quick search online for a good spot and found great reviews on P.S Cafe specifically the one at Harding Road. It was the ambience that had drawn us in. It’s located in lush greenery and the place itself was well decorated in wide glass windows which really took advantage of the beautiful location.

We took a train to Botanic Gardens MRT station and it was a quick 5min cab to the place. We arrived at around 3pm and luckily for us it was a rather off peak hour so the queue wasn’t so bad. The cool thing about this place is that they have a computer-based ticketing system. All you have to do is indicate the number of pax and your phone number. Once there’s a free table, the system will ring you up on your phone and let you know that your table is ready. Since we avoided the peak hours, it didn’t take us too long to get a table. I think we waited for like 10mins or so.

I ordered the Eggs Royale ($26), Iced Latte ($6.50) and had a huge plate of Truffle Fries ($15) for sharing. If you look at the price, yes it’s very pricey but I suppose the ambiance makes up for it. The food was pretty good too. I highly recommend the truffle fries. Almost every table ordered it and the portions are huge. And when I say huge, I mean HUGE! I can safely say it’s enough for 4-5 people to share. There were 3 of us girls and we only barely managed to finish half of it. No kidding. It’s really a lot. So we didn’t mind the price on that. There were a lot of pretty cakes as well. But we were too stuffed for anything else. So maybe next time. The bill came to about $160 for the 3 of us. Which is a pretty hefty price for brunch. But i guess it’s all right once in a while and for special occasions. I would definitely want to come back for desserts next time.

After brunch we took a cab back down to the Botanic Gardens MRT station and decided to take a stroll in Botanic Gardens since the entrance was just right next to the station. By the time we were there it was already around 6pm so it was a great time to walk through the park. A lot of people are seen having picnic, jogging, cycling here. Perfect place with the family or on a date. We walked over to the Symphony Garden and coincidentally there was a special piano concert that day by a Polish pianist who played a number of pieces by Chopin.

A large crowd gathered round on the grassy area in front of the stage and some really made themselves comfortable with picnic mats, and even foldable chairs, ice bucket and glasses of wine. True picnic veterans! It was an hour-long concert from 7-8pm and it was truly a lovely night with great weather. Perfect way to spend the weekend~


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