Expat Life: Week 4 – Gardens By the Bay | Selfish Gene Cafe

I’m now at my 5th week already and things have been going really well for me so far. Last weekend i’ve managed to cover Gardens By The Bay and one more hipster cafe.

Gardens By the Bay

This is a cluster of gardens hosting different species of flowers and also to the famous man-made supertrees. These “trees” work in a unique eco-friendly way by gathering solar energy and also collects rainwater. Then by night these supertrees light up in rhythm with the sound of music for the daily light show. So you can basically experience two different sides of the garden by day and night.

To get here, I took the mrt to Bayfront Station (yellow line). Once you exit from the mrt you should be able to see a shuttle buggy service just a little down the path. It costs 2 dollars to ride this buggy (2 ways) to the conservatory main entrance/ticketing area. If you prefer to walk, then there’s that option too. But since I reached there in the afternoon, it just seemed to make more sense to take a quick buggy ride rather than sweat my way through.

The ride took about 8 mins or so and drops right at the ticketing office. There are 2 conservatories here. One is the Flower Dome while the other is the Cloud Forest and unlike the other sections of the gardens, these two conservatories have an entrance fee. You can check out the prices at the website itself. However I just wanna highlight that local residents/holders of employment pass/work permit are entitled to cheaper rates. I decided to just check out 1 conservatory which is the Cloud Forest and since I have an employment pass, I got my ticket for 12 dollars.


The conservatories are the best way to spend your hot afternoons as these domes are fully airconditioned. So I spent most of my time in the dome until the sun went down. I absolutely fell in love with the Cloud Forest upon entering as I was greeted with the beautifully greenery and large waterfall. There’s so many great picture opportunities everywhere and so if you’re an avid photographer, you definitely don’t wanna miss out on this.


Another interesting thing about the Cloud Forest is that they have a sky walk around the man-made waterfall and also has scheduled mist sprays which engulfs the whole conservatory. So if you do drop by, be sure to wait for the mist to go on. The timing is around every 2 hours starting at 9am-11am and then every 2 hours between 2-8pm.


After about 3 hours in the conservatory, the sun was setting and the weather finally cooled down for a comfortable stroll in the rest of the gardens. It was nice to see everyone just chilling around on the grass which is a great escape from the hustle bustle of the hectic city life.


Then by 7.30pm I went to the supertrees grove and bought a ticket to go up the OCBC skywalk which is an elevated bridge that connects two supertrees. It costs 5 dollars to go up here and a tip to those of you who plan to go, do get in line earlier than the scheduled light show. I underestimated the queues and ended up catching most of the light show downstairs and only managed to catch a little bit of the end once I got up the skywalk. Also to avoid overcrowding, they only allow you about 15mins up there before the security people start escorting you down. So plan your time wisely if you plan on watching the lightshow from up the skywalk. The light shows go on twice daily (7.45pm and 8.45pm) and it lasts for about 15mins. Once the show starts you’ll definitely be caught in awe by the beautiful lights and the whole fairytale-like atmosphere.

Selfish Gene Cafe – 40 Craig Road

Not to be confused with the post above, this cafe is further away from that particular area. In terms of public transport, the closest mrt station would be Tanjong Pagar mrt (green line). As you go down Yan Kit Road you will come across Craig Road as shown in the picture below. Then turn left and go straight till you find number 40.

20150510_151937I ordered the Eggs Royale ($16) and hot Cafe Latte ($5). Food-wise, the eggs royale was perfect and just how I like it. However I thought the coffee tasted a bit acidic. Im not much of a coffee drinker, but I’d rather have something a bit mild. As for the atmosphere, it’s really chill and relaxed. I loved the glass roof which allowed natural light into the cafe. It’s also a great spot to catch up with some work, on the laptop or even catch up on your reading because it’s not noisy like other cafes i’ve been too and not overly crowded. Good spot for a quiet weekend!


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