Business Travels: Brunei


It’s been a while since my last post. Been busy with work and all that….particularly in travelling. I had a business trip to Brunei a few weeks back which marked my first maiden voyage to that country. I really didn’t know what to expect since i didn’t know much about the place. But after experiencing it all I noticed that it’s a very quiet and peaceful place. I guess most of the the people who come here are those who want to connect with nature and have a relaxing trip to wind down. But if you’re a shopping kinda person, then there’s not much to do here since they’re not exactly the shopping kinda place. They just have a few shopping malls which are more towards local shops. So don’t expect any Zara, MNG or anything like that.

Now back to the main reason I visited this place is for business. So i’ll talk a little bit more on that. On the business side I see their corporate culture is also very relaxing and not hectic at all. I was in Bandar Seri Begawan itself which is the heart of Brunei, but I rarely see any traffic on the roads even on a weekday and the people also go back on time (typical 9-5 kinda job). So work-life balance is practiced well here. But then again, this might be just my particular client. So i’m not sure about the rest. But on a whole, Brunei gives me the whole quiet and slow-paced kinda life. Which is a pretty good thing if you’ve had enough of the hectic life such as the one back in KL.


As for the place which I stayed, it was The Brunei Hotel. I stayed in their superior room and was given a queen size bed. The rooms were nice and clean. Though a bit simple, it had all the necessary things you need such as cable tv, hairdryer, toiletries (soap and shampoo), and wireless internet access for up to two devices.

IMG_20150407_143502 IMG_20150407_143525

It’s pretty convenient as it’s within walking distance to my client and also to some food options. It’s also just across from the riverside (Kianggeh River) with the “pasar” (market) situated just across from it.

20150415_183151If you’re ever staying around here, I would recommend the Japanese restaurant by the Brunei River called “Kaizen”. It’s just like a 10mins walk from the hotel and has a nice view overlooking the river and their menu is rather extensive. I would always end up ordering a little too much because everything on the menu looked good!

I was in Brunei for 2 days and was back again the week after that for another 2 days. Both trips for business. So I didn’t get to explore much of Brunei. But looking at the amount of foreigners in the airport (both tourists and businessmen), I would say it has it’s own appeal to certain groups of people.


One thought on “Business Travels: Brunei

  1. Moritz April 21, 2015 / 9:28 pm

    Brunei is a very interesting destination for a city trip! Even though the room is a little simple, I really like the sleak design. It looks pretty comfortable!


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