Business Travels: Hong Kong

I’ve been meaning to blog on this LONG ago but never had the time. So here it goes~ Went to Hong Kong for one of my company training a few months ago. One of the perks I get for working in my company (all expense paid trip!). Was there for 4 days and I went there with another colleague where we stayed at 2 different hotels during our stay there. One was Regal Hotel in Causeway Bay and the other was Cosmopolitan Hotel in Wan Chai. You’re probably wondering why we bothered staying at 2 different hotels when they are so close to each other. Well that’s because my company covers my stay during my training sessions only and since I extended my stay there for an extra night for my own leisure, I needed to find a convenient place to stay for the night and that’s how we ended up in Cosmopolitan for a night. I’ll be covering Regal Hotel first. This is a 4 star hotel situated in the centre of the shopping district which is Causeway Bay. LOVE the location!! Being true shopaholics, this was the perfect location for us. There’s a lot of nice shopping places within walking distance such as Times Square, Hysan Place, Sogo, Island Beverly Center and much more. 20140923_212237 20140923_212349 Now talking about the rooms itself, it’s very classy. A lot of golds and mirrors used throughout the room. I was given a queen sized bed all to myself too as we booked separate rooms. Mines had the view overlooking the sea. The room was really clean and well-maintained too. I also kinda liked how they had the ambient music button so if you’re a fan of that you can switch that on and just relax in the room or have a nice long bubble bath in the tub (speakers in the bathroom too). 1

Now onto my next hotel which is Cosmopolitan Hotel in Wan Chai which is also another 4 star hotel but we got cheaper rates here online through Agoda. It was a short 15 min cab ride from our hotel to this one. The rooms are not as flashy as the one in Regal Hotel, but it’s surely nice too. We received a free upgrade to the family suite upon arrival (lucky us!). The suite comprised of two rooms so again we got our own space. Each room has 2 single beds, a flat screen tv and we even had a smartphone provided for us to use freely with no charges! Cool huh? I had the view of the roads below and a slight view of the Happy Valley Racecourse as well. My colleague had the slightly larger attached room with the mini bar. What I like about that is that they gave us a whole variety of mineral water (4 complimentary bottles btw), mints, tea & coffee, and even a microwave too. Convenience-wise, it’s situated along a busy road and you would have to take an underpass to get to the other side towards the shopping district. However they are near one of the tram stops which is just across the road and they also provide free shuttle service to Hong Kong Train station where we took a direct express train to the airport. It was super convenient and far cheaper than taking a cab. The whole journey took about 45mins. Overall I had a great stay at both hotels and would definitely come again when i’m in town. However if I had to choose between the two and if I had a bigger budget, I would say Regal Hotel wins this one because i’m just so in love with the posh room design and easy access to all the shopping areas! 12


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