Downtown in Johor

Headed down to Johor for the first time in either my entire life or a REALLY long time because I don’t recall ever stepping foot here (have always just flew over it lol). So anyway, I took a trip down here with my family for pure shopping at the one and only Johor Premium Outlet (JPO).

We visited during the first day of CNY itself and didn’t exactly have much time to plan for the trip as it was quite a spontaneous decision (less than a week ago). Unsurprisingly all the good hotels were snapped up and since we didn’t wanna splurge too much on the hotel room anyway, we decided to find an affordable yet good one in Kulai (more money for shopping kay!). After hearing some pretty good reviews from TripAdvisor, we decided on Creator Hotel (previously named Kulai City Inn). It’s a budget hotel but before you imagine tiny dingy shady-looking rooms, it’s actually quite a pleasant place with its little quirky art pieces around the whole place.


The Lobby Areapic6Check out the cute reindeer :3


This is an eco-friendly place so there’s like an educational screening on environmental tips and facts at the waiting area. And also check out my environmental-friendly room slippers. So cute!


I got the deluxe room which was all white and pretty big (And yes those were all the goodies we brought back from JPO). Upon check out they also gave us some souvenirs. I got 3 of these plush bunnies! :3

Only downside is that there’s nothing much to do (within walking distance) from the hotel. But if you have a car and plan to drive out then there’s definitely not a prob. It’s also really close to JPO which is about 15 mins drive. They also offer free shuttle service to JPO or Lego Land (around 30 mins away). So it definitely was really convenient in my case. Overall it was a good stay considering the price we paid for and would definitely consider again if i’m back in town. P.S: I’ll be blogging about my JPO goodies in my next post!


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